Certificates and Licenses

ACR Energy Systems, Inc. has been in the Residential HVAC business since 1991, and has years of experience in the HVAC replacement, repair and upgrades. We service and repair all brands of Air Conditioning and Heating Units.

We service all of Orange County.



* We offer Trane, Lennox and Day & Night Residential Brands and Products.

* We are Certified Fujitsu – Lennox – Mitsubishi – LG – Daikin – Variable Refrigerant Systems.

* Air Conditioning System repairs, service and replacement on all brands.

* Air ducts replacement and Air Flow Balancing for proper Air Flow to all rooms in the house.

* Air Filtration Systems – Humidifiers – Attic Fans – Bathroom Fans.

* Air Registers and Grilles.

* Thermostats – Zoning Systems – 

We also provide Annual and Bi-Annual Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance programs.



We offer furnace and heat pump installation, maintenance and repair. When it comes to heating systems, call the experts. Our qualified team of technicians can service and repair any make and model of heating system. We also offer a wide array of high efficiency heating systems if you choose to install a new furnace or heat pump system.

Indoor Air Quality

Dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and allergens should be concerns for every homeowner. Your indoor air quality concerns are our indoor quality concerns. We not only want to install a great heating and cooling system in your home but we want to install a system that allows you to breathe CLEAN filtered air. Many times the air inside your home has poorer air quality than the air outside your home. That is a scary truth. Your families health is always important and we consider the indoor air quality a major factor in our new system installations. We offer the very best in air cleaners and air purifiers. We offer whole-house air cleaning systems that can remove 99.9% of the airborne allergens in your home. If any of your family members suffer from asthma, consider installing an air cleaner in your home. Ask about our other indoor air quality solutions that can make your home comfortable with cleaner air.

Another way to reduce your risk of poor air quality is to ensure that your air filters are changed on a monthly basis. The filters can become full of dust and dirt quickly, so ensure you are keeping your filters clean by replacing them regularly.

Preventative Maintenance Program

We recommend you join our preventative maintenance program to ensure that you are scheduling regular maintenance on your system and to take advantage of preventative maintenance agreement customer discounts. Preventative maintenance is simply one measure you can take to make sure your system is running properly. Does your cooling system have the proper refrigerant charge? Is your system communicating properly to the thermostat controls? Is your condenser fan operating properly? Is the heat exchange working? Are the wires all connected properly? These questions can’t be answered without a professional technician inspecting your system to ensure problems are not arising. A little prevention can go a long way.

do not put off making the necessary repairs to your home’s heating and air conditioning unit. Schedule an HVAC appointment with our TECHS today!

Requirements for residential HVAC TECHS vary from state to state, but our Lake Forest based HVAC company has the following certifications.


Beyond our years of experience with residential HVAC maintenance, the HVAC license we earned is proof of our knowledge and qualification.
CA LIC # 978453-C20-C38
In order to gain the trust and confidence from the Orange County communities, ACR Energy Systems, Inc.’s trained staff has demonstrated commitment to the residential HVAC industry.

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